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This post was meant to cover the value of storytime. Instead, it’s turned out to be a very complimentary review of a what I’ll call a “cuddler book”—one of Alicia Keys favorites as it’s guaranteed to facilitate bonding time.

Storytimes are just awesome. I take my boys, but find myself getting lost in the story. I feel like a kid again. At a recent storytime, I was introduced to one of the best stories for kids that had a touching domino effect. My son’s kindergarten teacher Mrs. Baim volunteered to lead story time at Barnes and Noble. She began by saying, “I always cried when I read this story to my own children. It took me years to get through it without tears. I’ll do my best to hold tears back today.”

Uh-oh. That’s all a mother has to say to get me on the brink. I knew I’d have to prepare myself not to cry. I mean, how sad could a children’s story be?

Then Mrs. Baim starts singing a lullaby—one that’s repeated throughout the story:

“I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you a lifetime,

As long as I’m living,

My baby you’ll be.”

Yep, my tears came. Thank goodness, my three-year-old became restless so chasing him became a welcomed distraction to keep my tears at bay.

We left that day with a book for each of us—Batman for Caleb, The Little Red Caboose for Noah and Love You Forever for me—three points for the bookstore!

Just a little side note here: That was the first time anyone at storytime had heard Love You Forever.  We read that book almost daily now.

This week Alicia Keys was on The View saying read that book to her son, and that he insists on singing the lullaby himself (I’ve always liked her).

My boys and I sing the song in the car now too. And sometimes at night, I sing it to my boys as they drift off to sleep. I’m willing to bet they share this book with their own children. In my opinion, it truly is one of the best stories for kids.

Love You Forever

Written by Robert Munsch

Illustrated by Sheila McGraw

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