Diary of a Wimpy Mom: Confessions of a Mom with Serious Attachment Issues & Why I Passed on Early Childhood Development (preschool))


I’m torn. One of my best friends from high school is having a girls’ weekend in Vegas to celebrate her birthday and I’m not going. I was invited, of course, but the thought of leaving my lil’ boys makes my heart skip a beat. Imagining myself sleeping more than 200 miles away from them gives me full-fledged heart palpitations.* I know what you’re thinking: I have some serious attachment issues. And I do.

Confession #1 – I actually calculate the time spent away from them (and I only work away from the home 12 hours a week!) There are times when I go into the office three days a week. It nearly sends me over the edge.

Confession #2 – Despite the societal push for early childhood development, I did not enroll my son in preschool until he was four years old. There was a lot of peer pressure, of course. “Where is he going to preschool?” my friends would ask. To which I’d respond, “We’ve chosen to keep him home this year.” I want to thank Dr. Laura Schlessinger for brazenly announcing her opposition to preschool as it inhibits cherished bonding time. Early childhood development can start at home. I agree. But back on point—if I can’t leave ‘em for three hours, how can I leave them for three days!?

Confession #3 – I crave “me time” but sometimes forgo it because I know in about 15 years, I’ll have more of it than I desire. When my boys leave home (I’m tearing up now—see, wimpy), I’ll have an overwhelming amount of “me time.” It’ll likely be spent reaching out to them. I can hear myself now, “Sorry, to call again honey, but I forgot to tell you that you’re favorite cereal is on sale!”

Vegas will always be there. It can wait. My little boys cannot. So, while my gal pals are taking in the shows, cruising the strip and winning big bucks, I’ll be watching Nick Jr., cruising the park and winning big at Chuck E. Cheese.

I’m sure there’s no magic pill for the wimpy mom with attachment issues (I’ve searched for it on WebMD). So I must embrace it. After all, my boys are worth it.

*Please take this post with a grain of salt as it’s exaggerated sarcasm in its silliest form.

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