Does Your Child Need a Private Tutor? A Little Help Can Boost Early Childhood Development


There are many reasons why you might be thinking about getting a private tutor for your child. Some of these reasons could be because your son or daughter is struggling with classwork or homework, or maybe he or she is doing poorly in a particular subject (or maybe more than one subject). Or perhaps your child has a learning disability or special need that impedes early childhood development.

All of the above are definitely signs that your student could use some extra guidance from a tutor. The first step to helping anyone is identifying the problem. After it has been identified, you want to think about a solution—the best solution—and it may or may not include a tutor. As a parent, you know your child. Therefore, before signing up for a tutor you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

Why is my child not experiencing success?
Is the work too difficult?
Is the workload too much?
Am I able to help my child or is it beyond my skill set?
Do I have the patience to help my child? (for some parents this is a very challenging idea)
Is my child organized?
Does my child know how to be organized?

Your answers to the above questions and your ability to know your child can help determine what kind of help will be best to boost your son’s or daughter’s early childhood development. Keep in mind, however, that there are some not so obvious reasons why your child might be having trouble that need to be addressed in a different way. These are some other questions to think about:

Could my child be having a personality conflict with the teacher?
Could my child be having problems with his or her classmates?
Is the work too easy?
Is my child bored?
Does my child lack motivation?

If you suspect that the answer to any of the above questions is yes then the best solution is to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns.

While making the decision on whether to hire a tutor for your child, it is very important to think about your child’s temperament and personality. I also suggest discussing the idea with your child to see what he or she prefers. Getting your child involved in the decision making process empowers your child and lets him or her know that you value their opinion. Although, you might also want to let your child know that while you do value his or her opinion, you will be making the final decision.

If you believe that the best solution is a tutor, then it’s time to think about the different options. Free tutoring is usually offered at your child’s school, but you will need to work around your school’s schedule and availability. There are also private businesses that offer tutoring but those places are usually on the very expensive side. A private tutors can come to your home or other prearranged place and are usually willing to work within your budget. Finally know that whatever you decide, doing something is better than doing nothing at all to boost your kid’s early childhood development. Best of Luck!

Cindy Cina is a Caring Private Tutor, Experienced Teacher and Positive Role Model. For more information about tutoring, or to discuss tutoring options, contact her at 805-823-5035 or

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