Effective Discipline: Calm and Easy Does It

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Last night, I used a tried and true method of effective discipline. And I’ll do it again. (Yep, you heard me boys, I’ll do it again.)

Here’s how it went down. My son’s kindergarten teacher had her some kinda day. I sympathized with her immediately when I arrived to pick up my son from school. There on the dry erase board were several children’s names, all marked in red beneath a very unhappy face. And my son had two check marks next to his—whoa! That means he misbehaved not once, not twice, but three times! I was impressed by the teacher’s calm demeanor considering the number of children who had tested her nerves.

Of course, she asked me to talk to my son about his behavior. When I questioned him, he was suddenly struck with amnesia. Yet, he clearly remembered what the other children had done to earn their spot on the “red list.” Hmm, interesting. What to do?

I canceled our plans at the gym (they love kids club!) and stayed home. But staying home can be fun for a kid who prefers to build train tracks all day. Uh-no. As in, no building tracks, no racing trains and no watching train DVDs—ouch! Trains are off limits until I receive a good report from the teacher (hopefully tomorrow).


  • He whined about every 30 minutes
  • He pleaded to build trains, “I promise I won’t do it again.”
  • And, “Can I just watch trains?” (Not gonna happen)
  • Instead, we played cards, read books, did homework and hit the sack.
  • Overall, he behaved himself and it was evident that he knew he deserved the discipline

Win for Mom

What’s more, this method was super easy to implement. No yelling, no stress, and I got to spend a cozy night inside with the boys (I love playing cards too!) Score for effective discipline—my new favorite technique.



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  1. Baby Loves Disco was a fun afternoon. Real dance floor and full bar. My kids danced and played with other kids, I had a few drinks while supervising (my husband picked us up). Very realistic to an actual club. My kids had a great time. Grab your girlfriends and their kids and enjoy a great afternoon.

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