FREEDOM TRAIN VALENTINE – Focused Early Childhood Development


Here’s Noah’s Valentine’s Day project for school. Fairly simple, his teacher sent home a large paper heart to decorate as means to boost early childhood development via a family project. With a little guidance, Noah created the Freedom Train Valentine, fittingly decked out in red, white and blue as it speeds down the track over a trestle. He used train stencils, colored pencils, tape, scissors, wrapping ribbon (for the trestle) and a glue stick.


I’m a superfine Valentine.

American Freedom, right on time.

You know I’ve got the best design.

A clickin’ and a clackin’ down the line.

Extra credit: We wrote this poem to accompany Noah’s Freedom Train Valentine Heart. The first line is a play on Bill Cosby’s children’s book, “Superfine Valentine” (Little Bill has a crush). Noah came up with the last two lines by himself (and he says he doesn’t want to be a writer) J

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