Homemade Ring Toss Game!


Children love to create. Why not let them try this playful creation for hours of fun. This homemade ring toss game can be done indoors or out.

You need a few plastic bottles filled with water, sand or small
stones (2 liter bottles are best) and 20 paper plates (the inexpensive plates work fine for this).

Glue two paper plates together and cut out the middles to make a ring.

When you glue two together it will add weight to the rings.

Paint the newly created rings in bright colors and hand them out
to the kids.

Make a line with chalk or rope for them to stand behind and place
the bottles at various intervals and distances away from the children.

Anybody who manages to get a ring over a bottle takes one step
back and tries again.

See how far away they can get and still manage to ring the bottles.

You can play this game at a party, play date, or just a lazy summer afternoon when the kids whine “I’m booooored.”  Have fun!

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