How the US Education Compares To Education in China


Here’s an interesting article that compares our education system in the U.S. to China’s. I personally believe that we are making headway by making preschool a priority, if only we could offer the same opportunities to our underprivileged families.

How the US Education Compares To Education in China

Education is considered to be the weapon to fight the economic and social deprivations of the modern society. Today the world is wholly globalized and offers many types of opportunities and challenges to the young people of the present generation. To face all these and compete at the global market and job places it is very essential that the children get the best education possible. This is not happening in most of countries while in some of the Asian countries like India and China we are able to see a complete uprising in the educational field. Here the young children are made to start their education early so that they are able to face their later part of the life in a confident manner.

China has completely come out of its ancient Oriental beliefs and has changed more to give the most modern educational facilities to its young children. With the largest population it has invested more for giving education to its young children. With this encouragement from the Chinese Government the parents are fully aware of the value of education to their children. Due to this the Tiger Moms of China are helping their young children in all possible ways to make them get the best form of education within their capabilities.

The US education is proceeding on a different footing. The way in which the young children are treated and the way in which they are allowed to learn at their own pace during the early years at school puts them at a disadvantage. While a child in the US begins its formal education at the age of five, the Chinese children begin their school education as early as three years. Even before this age the informal education starts at home before they go to school. They begin their learning skills from their parents.

A Chinese or an Indian child is given more attention and care than it is possible by the parents of a US child. This makes the difference in the quality of the education and quantum of learning achieved by these children at their elementary schools. As the US education system begins the learning process, the Chinese children would have completed their elementary stage and will be going for higher subjects. The role played by the Governments in the US is also responsible for this as there is not enough investments and involvement of the Government in the Schooling system of the US.  This is the sole reason why the number of US born white students is coming down fast in the Higher education institutions in the recent times.

Apart from this the family system and the cultural bonding of the family as the basic unit in the Chinese society and the continuance of the joint families also contribute more to the educational excellence of the Chinese children. It is very common to find that the education to a child begins right from the day of his birth in these societies as they are known to teach their children even from their very young age by way of reading stories at bed time, singing songs and making them listen to their elder siblings. This type of an involvement is missing in the American families and probably this is also responsible for the decline in the standards of education among American children in the present days.

written by Nathan from India

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