How to Prevent Kids Bullying


Heartbreaking stories like the 12-year-old boy who died of suspected bullying are tragic. Unfortunately, bullying has been around forever. It can be emotional, physical and now there’s cyber bullying. The debate about how to stop it will continue for years. In the meantime, here are some ways to identify if your child is a target of bullying or if they are bullying others.

Warning Signs of Being a Target of Kids Bullying

  • —        Unexplained injuries
  • —        Refuses to go to school
  • —        Ripped or torn clothing
  • —        Missing items
  • —        Physical complaints
  • —        Behavior changes:
  • —        Appears unhappy, anxious, fearful
  • —        Isolated
  • —        Loss of interest in things he/she often enjoys

Signs that Your Child May Bully Others

  •  —        Good at talking themselves out of trouble & rationalizing their behavior
  •  —        May have lower grades & poor attitude of school
  •  —        The school or others have complained about his/her behavior
  • —        Strong need for control & power
  •  —        Easily angered & impulsive
  •          Difficulties following standards of behavior
  •  —        Appear to have a “good” self-esteem; over confident


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