Liking School Boosts Early Childhood Development


Last year, I gave into parent-pressure and caught the school-hunt bug. I found myself scouring different charter schools alongside good-intending parents hoping to nab a spot in the school that proclaimed to have the best early childhood development program. I’m not sure why I gave in to this pressure. After all, my gut told me that our designated (award-winning) home school in the Los Angeles Unified School District was the best choice for my son. But there I was visiting several schools to vie for a coveted place on their waiting lists. After an exhausting couple of months, I ended up choosing our home school.

But the time I spent checking out other schools was well spent because I met a father at one of these school hunts who shared these words of wisdom: “It’s more important that children like school than the school they attend.” Geesh, that sounds like common sense to me. Everyone knows that if you like something, you’re chances are much higher of succeeding at it. And, if you like what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. As a writer, I’m blessed to live by those quotes. And as a mother, that’s what I wish for my two boys.

Turns out, my son does indeed love school (and he’s thriving there too!) and our choice has certainly fostered his early childhood development. It also goes to show that you never know where you’ll encounter words of wisdom.

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