Must See for Parents – Best Way to Foster Early Childhood Development


I received these viewing suggestions on the best way to foster early childhood development from a meetup I belong to called PAAC (Parents of African American Children). Our PAAC group organizer, Desarae, recently posted these viewing opportunities that are relevant to parents of all children.

“I have been catching up on my TV programming this weekend and recently watched a couple of shows that I thought you might find quite interesting regarding the best way to boost early childhood development and challenges faced by many young African American men. Check out these shows online/television that are sure to provoke some parental thoughts and feelings.”—Desarae Powell-Rozar, PAAC Organizer

Great School Debate between parents and teachers regarding pros and cons of traditional schooling (education public/private outside the home), homeschooling (structured education at home), and radical unschooling- (unstructured/natural learning-no limits-allowing children make all the decisions about what they want to learn or not).

Washington Watch hosted by Roland Martin-interview with Dr. Steve Perry re: Save My Son –

Save My Son with Dr. Steve Perry-


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